I help empower people and organisations to realise their strengths and potential.

Toni Houghton is an experienced CliftonStrengths Coach, Supervisor and Facilitator who is based in Wellington, New Zealand. I work with a range of corporate, government, faith-based and not-for-profit organisations.

Toni Houghton

What Toni can do for you

Organisational Development

By adopting a strengths-based approach to staff management, each person is empowered to deliver their best performance. This leads to higher engagement, retention and productivity.

(aka Strengthsfinder)

As an individual, the CliftonStrengths tool helps you better understand your talents and how to develop them further. As a manager or team leader, CliftonStrengths can assist you to help your staff realise their strengths and potential.


I provide a safe place to explore your work challenges so that you are able to provide the best quality service and support to those with whom you work.



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