ServicesOrganisational Development

Through Organisational Development, I can help you improve productivity, staff retention rates and client engagement. 


Small Business

Does balancing the different aspects of running a business challenge you?
Are you getting the best from your staff? Does investing in your staff drop off the list too often?
Developing a functioning team approach to your business can ease some of your day to day pressures and let you keep your big picture plans in view.


Is it challenging to maintain a shared vision and a common language across your board, your leadership, your paid staff and your volunteers?

Use a strengths-based approach to allow your organisation to work as a high-performing team, focused on the organisation’s goals and allowing each person to bring their best each day.

Public Sector

Everyone works in a team – but do we function as a team?

A strengths-based approach enables each individual to work at their best each day and develops groups into high-performing teams.

I work with managers to develop their ability to have on-going, strengths-based conversations with their staff.