I provide a range of CliftonStrengths based coaching options to government departments, small businesses and not-for-profit organisations across New Zealand. 


Use the CliftonStrengths tool to understand your talents and develop them. Use it to develop a strengths-based management culture in your business or organisation.

My Services include:

Individual coaching

Individual coaching sessions to discover how you can best understand and explain your talents and then use those talents to succeed.

Manager Coaching Sessions

In-depth coaching sessions with managers using a strengths-based approach to managing your team.

Team Workshops

What would it be like to work in a team that allows you to focus 80% of your energy on what you do best? Finding key partnerships with others who also get to do what they do best? Team Sessions are modules customized to suit the requirements of each team and to help develop an understanding of how each individual’s strengths can contribute to the team they work in.

Targeted team sessions

Want to look at complementary strengths and relationships within the team? Have a team session that looks at ways in which different strengths can partner while becoming aware of possible difficulties that may also arise.

Want to work on a specific goal or project? Have a team session in which team members are identified with the requisite strengths for different aspects and stages required to meet the goal.

Partnership sessions – within teams and between teams

Partnership sessions explore ways in which outcomes can be maximised by using the combination of strengths within a team in the most complementary ways.


My Experience

  • Gallup trained CliftonStrengths coach for individuals (2010) and teams (2011)

  • Gallup High-Performance Management Course (2015)

  • Strengths Network South Pacific accredited CliftonStrengths coach

  • Experienced Public Sector Manager (2000-2011)

  • Qualified and experienced external professional supervisor (since 2007)


CliftonStrengths Coaching

I have coached individuals and teams in the public sector, not-for-profit organisations and business contexts. This includes facilitation of over 90 workshops and team coaching sessions and hundreds of individual coaching sessions.

Public Sector Experience

I am currently working with managers and team leaders in several government departments. I provided an introductory StrengthsFinder (now CliftonStrengths) Workshop for the Department of Internal Affair’s Excellerate programme (2014-2016). My twelve years’ experience as Library Manager at Archives New Zealand ensures I have an in-depth understanding of the work environment within the public sector from both team member and managerial perspectives.

High-Performance Training

I attended the Gallup High-Performance Management course in 2015. This is intended for managers at all levels and uses Gallup’s Engagement and CliftonStrengths research. It equips the manager to develop high-performing individuals and teams. I use this to support and develop the managers I work with to enable them to build their teams.

Strengths Network South Pacific Member

Strengths Network South Pacific is a network of trained and experienced CliftonStrengths coaches. Accreditation and annual re-certification are elements of membership. I was an SNSP Founding Advisor on the Advisory Group which advised the Governance Board from 2013-2017.


Supervision is a professional requirement for many engaged in people-focussed work. It involves regular meetings with an individual to explore all aspects of their work in a confidential environment. The combination of my CliftonStrengths coaching skills and my Supervision training enables me to assist clients to use their strengths in targeted, intentional ways in their work and to provide insight into the most effective ways to manage staff, taking into account an individual’s strengths.


I am currently self-employed and my husband and I co-own a company with offices operating in different regions. I understand the public sector work environment from both team member and managerial perspectives and have worked with, and for, not-for-profit organisations. This varied experience enables me to understand work challenges and drivers across a range of sectors.

Sample Packages

Packages are customised to meet your needs. These are examples of how a package might look.



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